Programme Objective

Good Communication Skills is an essential requirement for professionals working in any field.  Along with one’s expertise in one’s respective field one must be able to effectively communicate and receive information to and from various audiences.  While enhanced speaking writing skills will ensure successful expression of the message from the sender’s side, enhanced reading and listening skills are necessary for effective comprehension.  Moreover professional communication often involves soft skills and etiquette that elude the non-native speakers.
This course is aimed at enhancing the communication skills of faculty members to perform better in the field of technical communication to help the students perform better.  It also aims to familiarize the participant with soft skills and teach how to involve the students in the teaching learning process. These skills are vital for any individual. Experts from the industry, placement and academia will share  relevant knowledge  and their experiences  for the benefit of the teaching and learning community.

  • Art of Teaching
  • Communicative English
  • Myths of Pronunciation
  • Grooming & Etiquette
  • Master your reading skills.
  • Tensed with Tenses!
  • Right Attitudes leads to Great Altitudes
  • Fun with words


This FDP is useful for Professional  communication skills in English and development of engineering teachers, researchers, and trainers working in business schools, universities, colleges, professional institutes. A certificate of participation shall be provided to all the participants.
The total intake will be limited to 50 and selection will be on the basis of early registration.

Key Dates:
Closing date of Registration: 25 November 2016
Course Duration:28 November to 2 December 2016