Placements Home


Vision :

To create an extreme sense of confidence in students by counseling,  engaging them in a variety of activities which in turn shall also contribute in honing up their skills;  encouraging them to put their best now, enabling us create opportunities and placing them in professional enterprises and thereby gainfully engaging the students in nation building.

Objective :

Confidence being the key to success and excel, we work towards molding our students by taking several confidence building measures.
Encourage students to take initiatives in a variety of activities conducted in the college by organizing Debates, Group Discussions, Workshops, Guest Lectures, Mock Interviews etc.  We also provide Career Guidance.

Infrastructure :

The  college  is  situated on  a  15  acre land having  a  broad  infrastructure to meet the overall requirements for the holistic development  of students--all the  departments, library,  sports facilities,   gymnasium, a  separate  placement wing etc.

  • The placement wing alone is housed in a 7000 sq. ft.  area
  • Eight richly experienced staff members work in this wing.
  • Has 500 computers with internet facilities and LAN connected for conducting on-line tests and also WIFI enabled.
  • Four rooms exclusively for group discussion.
  • Four rooms exclusively for conducting one to one interviews.
  • One hall for the purpose of orientation.
  • One dining suite.

Responsibilities of Training and Placements Wing :

  • We have an excellent crop of professionals working as a team in tandem for the benefit of students.
  • Provide extensive in-house training in English Language and Soft Skills by a full time trainer with rich experience for all second and third year students.
  • Aptitude and Technical Training is imparted for all second, third and final year students by full time trainers.
  • Certain team members are always on the move in the market deliberating with the companies for holding campus drives.  These team members are fine tuned with good H.R qualities.
  • Wherever possible, MOU’s are signed with Assessment Companies and others concerned to impart company-specific training to our students.
  • In case of students planning for higher studies abroad, we provide coaching for GRE, TOEFIL, IELTS and GATE.

Placements :

Every year, hundreds of students are placed in different companies.  Companies start their recruitment processes from fourth year/first semester onwards.  It has always been the endeavor of the training and placement wing to be in contact with medium and large professionally managed organizations for offering our students placements to carve out their future.  We have been playing host to many companies for conducting interviews every year and they are appreciative about the overall performance of our students.
We also provide internship programs for our students in IT and various  Core Companies.


Academic Year No. of Students selected
2011-12 164
2012-13 121
2013-14 169
2014-15 321
2015-16 612
2016-17 673
2017-18 331