Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques. 1. Who are authorized to use the SMEC Library & Information Centre?
Ans. 1. All students, faculty members and staff  of the Institute are authorized to use the Library & Information Centre. Student alumni, retired staff members and visiting Faculties also have the privilege to use the Central Library. However, for availing the borrowing facilities they have to take the special permission.
Ques. 2. Can a bound volume of journal be issued to a member?
Ans. 2. Yes, bound volumes of journals can be issued to the faculty members, research scholars and PG Students for a period of Three Days from the Circulation Section. Fine for late return of journals will, however, be charged as per the Library Information Centre rules.
Ques. 3. Can a current (unbound) issue of journals be issued to a Library member?
Ans. 3. No, current (unbound) issue of journals are not issued to any category of library user.
Ques. 4. How can I recommend a book for purchase in the Library & Information Centre?
Ans. 4. An authorized user can recommend a book for purchase by filling-in a "Book recommendation Form" that can be obtained from the Library & Information Centre. The form should then be routed through your Head of the Department For his recommendation.
Ques. 5. How can I recommend subscription to a new journal in the Library?
Ans. 5. An authorized user can send your request for subscription to a new journal through Your Head of the Department. It may, however, be noted that the Library can subscribe to only a limited number of journals for a given Department from the Funds allocated to the respective Department from the total budget of the Library.
Ques. 6. Can I bring my personal books or other reading materials to the Library?
Ans. 6. No. Users are not allowed to bring their personal books or other reading materials. To the Library. They can, however, bring their Money Purses, important certificates In to the Library & Information Centre.