Technical association activities


Industrial Visit to  "The Hindu"               Date: 06th March 2018

Department of MBA organized an Industrial Visit to the “The Hindu” Printing Press, Habsiguda, Hyderabad on 7th March 2018. The visit was scheduled for the students of 1st year / 2nd semester along with faculty members.

Objective of the Program:

To provide students with details regarding internal working patterns and production process at The Hindu. This program is designed as a part for the industry- Institute interaction session to combine theoretical knowledge with industrial knowledge.

Students had the opportunity to understand the mechanism and practices at the printing press of “The Hindu” situated at Habsiguda, Hyderabad. Mr.V.Vinod Guptha, Circulation Manager, provided them with ample of insight on the working pattern at press with all the schedules and constraints.

He further stated that machinery at the press is manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan; With a world class infrastructure and high end technology, the four-storied press is housed in a 17-metre tall building on a 4 acre site off the Hyderabad-Warangal highway which is completely digitalized and automated. It has the production capacity of 70000 per hour.


Report of Faculty Development Programme                    Date: 20th June 2018 (One Day)

(Resource Person: Dr.P.Jyothi)

A one day Faculty development programme (FDP-2018) was successfully conducted in the ST. Martins Engineering College, on 20th January 2018 by Department of MBA. The FDP programme received an overwhelming response with 120 participants from different colleges in Telangana &Andhra Pradesh

Inaugural Session

The programme was inaugurated in the morning at Vivekananda seminar hall on 20th January 2018 by hands of Sri Marri Laxmareddy (chairmen SMEC), Dr. P.Jyothi (Resource Person),), Sri Chandra Shaker Yadav (Director-SMEC) Sri. Santosh Kumar (Principal-SMEC) & Prof.Dolly Diana  and Dr.Y.Venkata Rangaiah HOD.

In welcome speech, Dr.P.Dolly Diana shared her views with the faculty participants that if faculty wants to develop themselves and their students, then attending such faculty development programmes would enhance their skills of research funding concepts practically. Madam further shared that it helps to improve the performance of faculty in research and highlighted the importance and objectives of organizing faculty development programme. She briefed the participants about the effective research and project funding for the FDP and highlighted the reasons and importance of the same.

In the Inaugural speech, Hon. Dr.Venkata Rangaiah shared his views on faculty development. He further added that this programme will provide special benefits to faculty members and research scholars. The inauguration programme ended with vote of thanks by Dr.Kalyani.

Session I

In the first session, resource person Dr.P.Jyothi started her discussion with very basic idea of concept of effective research. She shared few very important aspect to be considered while research activity process. She highlighted the importance of research and gave idea about how to write article in effective manner. She shared her knowledge with participant using by power point presentation with examples on significance, novelty and idea generation etc. It helped to make effective research and created interest among the participants.

Session II

In the second session, Resource person Dr.P.Jyothi started her discussion with How to prepare a Research Article? How to write Introduction, Review of literature, Research Design and end notes for research process. She highlighted about Some of the prominent databases on which management researches usually rely include EBSCO,Wiley,ProQuest,Trailor& Francis,Elsevier,Emerald Insight,JSTOR and SSRN.Further she suggest some of statically packages like SPSS,AMOS,LISREL, SmartPLS,R,Stata for data analysis.

Session III

In the third session, resource person Dr.P.Jyothi started her discussion with how to make Project Proposal for Funding, Started with Writing Research Proposal, Main features of a proposal, What should we include in the proposal? What to avoid in formal writing and research funding agencies UGC, ICSSR, and DST. The programme ended with vote of thanks by Jayaradha Sankar.


The session was very much informative. The discussed areas are of great benefit for the participants. Participants were enlightened with the most Effective Research and project funding techniques. This in turn will help faculties to do effective research and how to get funding from research agencies.